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Beijing parks receive 1.9 mln visitors during Int'l Workers' Day holiday



Tianjin Airlines operates the service every Monday and Friday using an Airbus A330.

The Belarusians and the Chinese citizens living in Hong Kong will be allowed to enter, leave, remain within, or transit through Hong Kong and Belarus, respectively, without visas for the period of up to 14 days.

As the eastern departure point of the ancient Silk Road that connected Eurasia trade centuries ago, Xi'an, once called Chang'an in its imperial past as an ancient capital, is home to numerous historic relics, including the must-see Terracota Army, a World Heritage Site.





More than half of respondents believe blockchain will have a significant impact on the business community and as many as 88 percent pointed out "tamper-resistance" as a core feature of the technology.


More than 20,000 tourists from China visited Belarus in 2017. With the development of medical tourism, the number of Chinese visitors to Belarus may increase, Myasnikovich said.